ENGLISH EDITION – Bordeaux Primeurs: wait & drink

27/04/2018 - For the first time in more than 20 years, In Vino Veritas will not publish a Bordeaux Primeurs Special this year.

You are certainly aware of the old controversy about this event. Some say that the wines are too young to be judged; and as some samples are specially blended for the Primeurs, so as to be more flattering to the taster’s palate, they are said not to be representative of the wines as they will evolve, the « finished products» – we are talking of Grands Crus, wines that are supposed to last for decades, if not for centuries.

Add to this that the wines are not tasted anonymously, but with their labels proudly shown, which could influence the most impressionable tasters.

Anyway, In Vino Veritas has always been represented at the Bordeaux Primeurs, and has always reported about them, with the appropriate reservations.

This year, however, we have decided to innovate.
We have chosen to put our Primeurs tasters’ comments on hold, to give them time to mature (we are referring to the comments).
We thus intend to publish them around March 2025, when we think the wines should begin to be ready to be drunk – even if, we are sure, they should be able to last much longer.

It will be most interesting to compare today’s comments and tomorrow’s wines, by the way.
Very rare are the magazines which dare to go back on their past comments, and make amends when they have been proven wrong, especially when some wines have not lived up to the promise.

What about the opposite case? I mean, what about the crus which the critics did not like during the Primeurs and that would end up much better after some years?

What a far-fetched hypothesis! No serious critic aiming at potential wine-investors would dare suggest that grands crus can be bad. Be it young or old, from a “classic” or “exceptional” vintage, made from naturally ripe grapes or with inverted osmosis, a grand cru is as the name says: grand.

Otherwise, it would be called another way. And sold much cheaper.

Hervé Lalau

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5 commentaires

  • Julien Ditte / Amistat says:

    Thanks for your comment
    real true !
    merci philip


    • Philippe Stuyck says:

      you’re welcome Julien 🙂
      happy to read that many people have the same ideas !

      • Becky Sue Epstein says:

        Would you be able to publish your notes on Bordeaux en Primeur wines from earlier years?
        That way we could see what has already happened with the Bordeaux wines, without waiting till 2025!

        • HERVE LALAU says:

          You can find them in our archive or by using the research tool (type Primeurs).

  • didier marcelis says:

    le mode de commercialisation en primeur couvre justement le risque pris par l acheteur vis a vis du vendeur
    l ecart entre le prix de sortie primeur et le prix du livrable est a minima de 20%
    libre a l acheteur de faire ses achats des la sortie en primeur ou encore reporter sa decision a 18 mois plus tard lorsque le vin est en livrable
    plusieurs journalistes anglo saxons considerent que c est leur role d aider le client a faire son choix notamment et au dela des classiques we wa et ws des media comme js
    purple pages wine doctor decanter vinous…
    libre a vino veritas de renoncer a faire partir de ce panel
    en tant que producteur je ne peux que respecter ce choix de la redaction de in vino veritas
    l acheteur en primeur lira les infos requises ailleurs et continuera a vous lire avec plaisir
    tout comme je le fais et sans polemique

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