ENGLISH EDITION : Zweigelt, bitte !

12/11/2018 - Everything you ever wanted to know about good wines made with Zweigelt, a typically Austrian grape…

The Austrian wine production is quite diverse according to the regions but Zweigelt, aka Rotburger, is one of the few grapes that can be found almost everywhere.

A little history

Zweigelt is a crossing between Blaufränkisch and St-Laurent, obtained in 1922 by the Austrian phytologist Fritz Zweigelt (1888-1964) at the Klosterneuburg viticultural college. His aim was to create a variety that would be more resistant to vine diseases, with a good yield. Its first name was Rotburger, in reference to the place it was planted. Some years later, it was renamed Zweigelt to honour its creator.

Wine profiles

Present in the 16 wine regions of Austria under the name of Blauer Zweigelt, Zweigelt or Rotburger, it represents 9% of Austria’s vineyards, or 4,350 ha.
In the glass, the wines made with Zweigelt often show nice cherry aromas, a spiciness that must come from St-Laurent and rather firm tannins inherited from Blaufränkish. Zweigelt is resistant to frost and accepts many different types of soils. The results thus range from light, fruity reds to powerful dark wines that age well in barrique.
Often vinified on its own, Zweigelt can also fare very well in blends, a is shown in our selection.

75 samples

Out of 75 samples (all tasted blind, and in silence) the « noses » of In Vino Veritas selected 19 wines. Here they are, classified first by composition (blend or monovarietal) and then by region.

The blends


Zweigelt Cs Réserve 2016 – Leo Aumann – Thermenregion 

Coming from Thermenregion (South of Vienna), this wine is a blend of zweigelt and cabernet sauvignon. A good marriage, even if the wood and the rich tannines of the Cabernet dominate. A good acidity gives liveliness to the palate, and the finish is pleasantly spicy.  The perfect march for game. www.aumann.at
www.oostenrijkswijnhuis.be – Delhaize



Surrounding the Federal State of Vienna, and bordering with Slovakia and Czechia, Niederösterreich is the largest wine region of Austria.

Excellent Reserve 2016 – Weingut R&A Pfaffl – Niederösterreich   

This wine is a blend of Zweigelt, Merlot and Cabernet sauvignon. Dark red colour, nice cherry nose; on the palate, zweigelt brings the fruitiness, merlot the roundness, cabernet the strength. A well-balanced wine with some freshness, ending with a velvety finish.  Why not pair it with a duck leg confit with lentils? www.pfaffl.at
www.whynotwein.eu– www.wijnhuisverlinden.be– www.ambrosius.be– www.pootagenturen.nl– www.topcc.ch– Spar – Coop

Schrattenthal ‘9’  2015 – Weingut Zull – Niederösterreich   

A blend of Zweigelt, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon. Blond tobacco and red fruit on the nose, full bodied on the palate, with a good balance between acidity and roundness. Very harmonious. A perfect match for a nice oven-roasted leg of lamb with potatoes boulangère.
www.odilon.be– www.dewijnkamer.be– www.millevins.ch



Located near the Hungarian border, Burgenland includes the Neusiedlersee-region, famous for its deep Zweigelt reds.

Grande Cuvée 2015 – Weingut Keringer – Burgenland Neusiedlersee 

A blend of 60% Zweigelt and 40% Rathay (a cousin of Blauburger authorised since 2000), this cuvée with dark carmin colour offers jammy red and black fruits on the nose – fruity notes that are still present on the palate, mingled with discreet wood notes. Rathay bringing colour, strength and body. Very pleasant finish. Pair it with chicken façon crapaudine.
www.oostenrijkswijnhuis.be– https://dekeldervandeconingh.nl  – www.vennerhus.ch– www.secli-weinwelt.ch–  www.avinum.ch– www.firstwine.ch

Umathum Rotwein – Cuvée Haideboden 2015 – Weingut Umathum – Burgenland

60% Zweigelt, 20% Blaufränkisch, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. Ruby colour. Plum, thyme and smoky notes on the nose. The same notes reappear on the palate, mixed with roast coffee and orage peel. The tannines are well integrated in the wine. Very harmonious in the finish. Don’t hesitate to put it in a decanter. Pair it with a juicy beef entrecôte. www.umathum.at
www.vejavino.be– www.anfors-imperial.com– www.riegger.ch

Triebaumer Trie Rot 2017 – Günter & Regina Triebaumer – Burgenland 

80% zweigelt & 20% cabernet sauvignon. Carbonic maceration then malo-lactic fermentation in stainless still tank. Carmin colour. This wine ticks all the boxes of a primeur: fruity, lively, purity, and a little bit of gas. This very pleasant wine will be the perfect companion for delicatessen like black pudding with apples.
www.lesverresbavards.be– www.wijnkooperijdelange.nl– www.millevins.ch– www.zweifel1898.ch

100% Zweigelt wines


Zweigelt Riede Oberkirchen – 2015 – Leo Aumann – Thermenregion

Dark garnet colour. Roasted coffee notes on the nose, refreshed by violet and blackberry fragrances. The woody notes linger on the palate, but they are well integrated in the juice. Spicy finish with jammy black fruit and bitter orange. This rather tannic wine will be a good match for crusted ham with mushroom duxelles. www.aumann.at


The following wines come from the village of Andau and Mittelburgenland, a sub zone of Burgenland.

Zweigelt Selection Heideboden 2017 – Eric Scheiblofer – Burgenland Andau

The Scheiblhofer family owns most of the vines in Andau. This biodynamic wine shows a deep garnet colour, black fruit, liquorice and black tobacco aromas. It is full-bodied on the palate, with well integrated tannins and a good length. Harmonious and fruity-juicy finish. Pair it with a rack of pork in oven, zweigelt butter & shallots.
www.oostenrijkswijnhuis.be – www.whynotwein.eu

Zweigelt ‘The Zweigelt’ 2016 – Eric Scheiblofer – Burgenland 

Same producer as the previous wine. Violet, black fruit and species on the nose, with a hint of smokiness. Round and supple on the palate, juicy, meaty tannins. Jammy fruit in the finish, quite pleasant. Pairing: roastbeef with capers & rutabaga.
www.oostenrijkswijnhuis.be– www.whynotwein.eu

Zweigelt Girmer Reserve 2016 – Walter Kirnbauer – Mittelburgenland 

This wine from old vines was aged for 16 months in oak barrels made with the trees of the estate’s forest in Girm.
Deep red colour. Chocolate, game and undergrowth notes on the nose. . Boisé bien intégré. Bonne présence en finale avec touches de cerise noires et chocolat. Épaule d’agneau braisée au foin et muscade en cocotte. www.phantom.at
www.roels.be– www.lecarre.nl– www.schuewo.ch

Zweigelt 2016 – Landhaus Mayer – Burgenland

Deep and bright red colour. Cherry, blueberry, roasted coffee and vanilla on the nose. Robust and full-bodied on the palate, with the same fruity aromas but spices too. The tannins are round. This well-balanced wine will be a good match for zwiebelrostbraten.
www.alliedvintners.com– www.wijnwereld.net– www.martel.ch


This wine region is located some 60 km West of Vienna.

Blauer Zweigelt Grande Réserve 2015 – Weingut Leth – Wagram

Beautiful garnet colour. Wood, vanilla and jammy red fruit notes on the nose, good body and soft tannins. A lot of strength and sapidity in the finish. Pair it with a struffed cabbage and sour sauce. www.weingut-leth.at
www.rabotvins.com– www.haus-oesterreich.ch

Blauer Zweigelt Tregrande Réserve 2015 – Weingut Leth – Wagram

Deep red. Warm quetsch and black cherry preserve on the nose. Soft and juicy on the palate, with a sweet impression; round tanins but strong finish. Why not try it with a  pork stew with carrots & vinegar?
www.rabotvins.com– www.haus-oesterreich.ch


Vienna is the only capital in the world with 700 hectares of vines within the city limits.  A thriving sector, what’s more.

Zweigelt Réserve 2015 – Stammerporschen Ried Proschen –  Weingut Schwarzböck – Wien

Dark rubis colour. Surprising on the nose, with a mix of raspberry, plum and tobacco. Full-bodied and well-balance on the palate, with soft tannins and some sweetness in the finish The wood is well integrated. A perfect match for game – roe deer filet with cocoa beans, zweigelt sauce and black pepper, for instance.
www.schwarzboeck.at – Divo


This large region is divided into sub-zones with various landscapes. Weinviertel includes Kamptal.

Zweigelt Sandstein 2017 – Weingut R&A Pfaffl – Niederösterreich – Weinviertel 

Dark ruby colour. Black cherry, juicy plum, elderberry notes on the nose, with a hint of noble wood. Well-balanced on the palate, with subtle notes of thyme and soft tannins. Fresh and spicy finish. Why not pair it with duck breasts with blackcurrant? www.pfaffl.at
www.whynotwein.eu– www.wijnhuisverlinden.be– www.ambrosius.be– www.pootagenturen.nl– www.topcc.ch– Spar – Coop

Zweigelt Reserve Burg 2016 – Weingut R&A Pfaffl  – Niederösterreich – Weinviertel

Intense ruby colour. Kirsch, moka, red plum and black cherry on the nose, with a hint of vanilla. The same reappear on the palate, mixed with spicy notes. Round tannins.  This rich and opulent wine is also very long in the finish. Food pairing: tournedos Rossini.
www.whynotwein.eu– www.wijnhuisverlinden.be– www.ambrosius.be– www.pootagenturen.nl– www.topcc.ch– Spar – Coop

Blauer Zweigelt Malteser Ritterorden 2015 – Lenz Moser – Niederösterreich  Westlichen Weinviertel  Mailberg 

Bright garnet colour. Very elegant on the nose (blackberries, gooseberries, spices et smoky notes). Round and delicate on the palate ,with cherry notes again, and chocolate. This velvety, juicy and very well-balanced Zweigelt will be a perfect match for a veal d’un tajine with almonds and apricots.

Zweigelt Reserve 2015 – Weingut Bründlmayer – Niederösterreich -Kamptal

Dark colour. Kirsch, cherry, chocolate and roasted coffee on the nose. Plum, prune and spices, ripe berries on the palate. Juicy tannins. The plum and cherry come back at the end. This wine should be decanted. Pairing: hare strudel with Bordeaux mushrooms.
www.wijnenjanrots.be– www.martel.ch– www.anfors-imperial.com

Zweigelt Reserve Ried Altenberg 2016 – Weingut Frank – Niederösterreich

Deep garnet colour. Red fruit jelly and cranberries on the nose. Velvety and very ripe on the palate. Alcohol and acidity. Nice finish with soft tannins. Why not pair it with a veal pie with chanterelles?
www.istrianchilloutwines.be– www.vaneyck.nl– www.mivino.nl

Zweigelt Riede Dechant  2015 – Weingut Steininger – Niederösterreich

A very original Zweigelt both complex and powerful. Deep ruby colour with violet reflections. Very complex on the nose (wild cherries, raspberries, blackberries). On the palate, liquorice, mint, leather and black pepper, a nice acidity and a hint of wildness. A lot of character. Give him some pheasant en cocotte.
www.gustoworld.com– www.verbuntverlinden.nl– www.uvaeva.ch

Jean-Michel Jaeger   

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